What is internal communications?

Internal communication is any communication that is shared inside an organisation between a company and its audiences. The audience can be made up of employees, shareholders, suppliers, stakeholders, potential employees – anyone who can be impacted by what is happening inside the business.


Traditionally very top-down, with leadership teams telling rather than sharing, in recent years, internal communication has become much more peer-to-peer and bottom up, with the employee voice finding a place and becoming heard. Internal communication can be shared on multi-media channels, from town hall events and video, to vinyls on washroom mirrors, intranets and apps.

In larger companies, internal communications should have a department of their own, working closely with HR, Marketing and Corp Communications. Measurement of internal communications successes is often done through engagement surveys, but more and more this is coming under scrutiny and success needs to be proven on a project by project basis.

From our clients

“Working with theblueballroom is never a challenge. The work we do together is challenging but working with the tbbr team is easy.” — Friedrich-Georg Lischke, General Manager, Mars Drinks

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“From day one, the passion and energy from tbbr has been outstanding. You consistently go the extra mile to support us and your hearts were clearly invested in this project.” — Carly Nankin, Head of People Communications, Cathay Pacific

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